Thursday, 5 April 2012


The other day I was looking for the Stuff NZ news website and came across a comedy clip by George Carlin on the importance of Stuff in our lives. The caption dates it to his appearance at Comic Relief in 1986, but if so, it is just as funny more than 15 years on. Apart from making the word "Stuff" sound weird, as any word does when repeated often enough, it makes you think about it "Stuff" in a different way every time you say the word, which as he points out, is surprisingly often. Friends of ours are moving house at the moment - "so much Stuff!" one of them bewailed, and it seems that phrases like that are often attached to the word - "so much" or "heaps of" or "way too much." Sometimes "plenty of". Occasionally "enough."

It also makes you think about the Stuff we carry round in our heads, and whether it's true that we are so used to relying on Google now that we can't hold the information that we used to - like 7 digit phone numbers, or lines of poetry.

Anyway today seems like a good day to reflect on Stuff, how much we have, whether we need it and what the msot important Stuff in our lives is!

But for comic relief, here is George Carlin:


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