Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jane Austen quiz : the answers

So here are the answers to the quiz about Jane Austen and her work:

What is Mr Collins' first name, and how do we know?

William - it's written at the foot of his letter to Mr Bennet, but that's the only time we hear it.

Who is the only woman to marry a man younger than herself?

Charlotte Lucas (marrying Mr Collins)

Who is the only married woman to call her husband by his Christian name?

Mary Musgrove, Anne's sister in Persuasion, calls her husband Charles (often in tones of exasperation or complaint).

Who is the only married man to call his wife by an affectionate shortening of her name?

Admiral Croft, also in Persuasion, calls his wife Sophy

Which characters are never heard to speak directly?

Captain Benwick in Persuasion - although he's often quoted, we never actually hear him speak, neither do we hear Robert Martin, Harriet's suitor in Emma, or - more surprisingly (when you think about the movies) - Georgiana Darcy. (Of course, you couldn't have a non-speaking main character in a movie - it wouldn't work.)

And lastly, not from the books but from real life: how many other contemporary writers (novelists or poets) did Jane Austen meet in her lifetime?

The answer?

None. Not one. Imagine that.

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