Monday, 2 February 2015

Waitangi Day: more photographs

These are photos of Oihi Bay - an empty beach, but full of history!

During my research trip  to Waitangi, I visited a lot of the sites mentioned in the book. Some of these were places I'd been to before, but some were completely new to me. 

One of these discoveries was Oihi (or Hohi) Bay. When we reached the carpark (after a long winding drive) we weren't even sure where the track went. Marsden Cross is visible if you know where to look, but we couldn't see it at first. 

But then we found the track, and the Cross, and Oihi Bay - such a beautiful spot, and nobody there except us!

 Oihi Bay is where Samuel Marsden conducted his Christmas Day sermon in December 1814. You can read more about it on pg 11 of my Waitangi Day book. 

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