Monday, 13 April 2015

New Anzac Day books

Some lovely books coming out in time for this year's Anzac Day. Here are two of them:

The last Anzac by Gordon Winch, illustrated by Harriet Bailey. Harriet was kind enough to answer some questions for me about the book and her beautiful illustrations, which I've posted on my Children's war books blog.

Roly the Anzac donkey by Glyn Harper, beautifully illustrated by Jenny Cooper - also reviewed here on my blog, and no 1 on the NZ children's bestseller list last week:

An unexpected hero by L.P Hansen is not an Anzac Day book as such, but it has some interesting perspectives on the idea of heroism in war. Linda Hansen shared some of her thoughts about it with me here

And a book that came out last year - Meet the Anzacs by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Max Berry. Claire also answered some questions for me about her work, and in return hosted me on her blog, called Let's have words. (And look at her post for 12 April - a lovely pairing in an Auckland shop window!) 


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