Sunday 26 February 2012

New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards shortlist

For some months now, I've published a monthly update of news on my website, with the occasional mention of what books I'm reading. Every so often I've thought about starting a blog, because I enjoy reading other people's, but then the idea gets pushed to one side or buried under piles of other work. However, now I'm taking the plunge!

I'm looking forward to sharing news about what I'm writing, reading or thinking about in the world of books and especially children's literature. And here's something to start with: the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards shortlist has just been announced. Big congratulations to all the local writers and illustrators who have been shortlisted, especially Fleur Beale, Johanna Knox (and Sabrina Malcolm who did the wonderful illustrations for The Flytrap Snaps), the inimitable Jack Lasenby, Barbara Else and Ruth Paul.