Wednesday 31 August 2016

Boulcott School Book Week

Thanks to Boulcott School for a great visit during their Book Week. As well as a dress-up book parade, a library quiz and teachers sharing favourite books with different classes, they have a Book Bug who goes round tapping children on the shoulder - and if you get tapped,you have to stop everything and grab a book to read! I love the idea of a Book Bug and wish I had one at home. (Perhaps I could tap myself on the shoulder??)

Boulcott School students also had some great questions for me:

  • What is a typical day for you?
  • Do you write every day? 
  • Have you written any books about your childhood?
  • When you begin a story, do you know the ending?
  • Do you feel nervous when publishers tell you what they think about your story?

But I especially liked these questions, from the Year 1/2 students, because it showed that they were really thinking hard about the writing process and how you go about writing a story:

  • Why do you like writing?
  • Does it take a week to write a book?
  • Did your mum and dad like your writing?
  • Who taught you to write?
  • Do you always try your best when you write? 
  • Do you write fast or slow? 
  • Do you write in your house?

And some last words from the same group of students as they were going back to class after our session together:

"Writing is fun!"
"I hope you have fun writing!"
"Love you!"