Wednesday 16 September 2020

Trees and the ocean

Last week I was in the South Island doing a series of school visits, thanks to Read NZ Te Pou Muramura and the Writers in Schools programme. 

At Kaikorai Valley College in Dunedin, I did a couple of writing workshops and we talked about using our imaginations to try and look at things in a different way. 

Here are four of the wonderful poems that the students wrote as a result - I love the amazing ideas they have come up with. 


The Ocean

The ocean is a soft Blue sheet, changing

in the wind and devouring land.

It is a complete different

world, creating a home for fish, sand

and crabs. It’s a shark haven

and a popular place for plastic.

An Ombre is what

the ocean is, made from

 millions of blues.

 It can be as beautiful as a peacock

or as ugly as a dump

(Grace, Year 7)



The ocean is like a ferocious lion swallowing up its prey,

or a motel for the swimming fish that never get a say,

or a calm blue sheet so inviting and kind,

but the further you go, the more likely you'll find

the home to the sharks, ready to pounce, 

their razor sharp teeth will bite even an ounce, 

the ocean is home to crabs and fish, 

but along with them what is not delish, 

a buffet of plastic ready to take

the life of an innocent sea critter,

Poor creature, too late.

The ocean is a war that cannot be won.

(Jordan, Year 7)

Pine Tree

Standing tall in the mountains,

A spike pointing towards the sky,

Green as grass on a summer’s morning.

In winter decorated with tinsel and lights

As bright as the sun.

Pine needles litter the ground

Like a soft blanket to walk on

(Cody, Year 10)


Earth’s life-line

A pine tree is a spear pointing to space.

The smell reminds us of the outdoors.

A pine tree is Earth’s lungs,

The swooshing sound keeps up at night.

Green covering of the hills,

Place which is called home for many animals.

The playground for many children.

The colour of classroom paint,

Rocket which is unable to take off,

The structure for a bird’s home.

 (Josh, Year 10)

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